My name is Katarina Araneta, Rin for short, and I am a voice actor currently on a mission to keep bettering and honing my skills in any way I can.

About Me

I started actively pursuing VA at around 2018, having done fandubs at first. After that, I’ve been slowly getting into so many more projects like original animations, some indie video games, audio dramas and some audio books!

I live in the Philippines, in the city of Iloilo. It was a little difficult for me to get started, as the city barely offered anything related to voice overs or acting in general, but fortunately, I’ve found ways and means to get a jumpstart through the power of the internet!

I love voice acting. I’ve discovered the spark when I first watched cartoons as a child. That spark then grew even bigger when I was got into story-driven video games like Dragon Age and Mass Effect. I found that I loved to immerse myself as a character in another world.

Becoming someone else allows me to express so many emotions that I never could get the chance to in reality due to my introverted nature. The booth is my playground and I couldn't ask for anything more.

I could be an anxious, nervous wreck in one scene, and then confident, sassy and sophisticated in the other. It’s like an art, crafting character traits and emotions all together to make something unique.

I am a little reserved, but inside, I'm quite chaotic, which can catch people off guard. I'm very passionate about a lot of nerd-adjacent stuff, so prepare for a fun time if you love those too!

My Experience

I've been cast in several indie video games and animation. Character work is my forte, but I've also dabbled in commercial work as well!

What I do

First and foremost, I am your young bright and peppy girl next door, with grounded energy that can also turn high the minute you ask for it.
Sign me up for anything, I love my job!

Animation Demo

Commercial Demo

Interactive Demo

Raw Booth Sample

My Equipment

Audio-Technica AT 2050

Scarlett Solo | Focusrite

Audacity ®

iZotope RX 10 Standard

Voice Acting Portfolio

Video Games:

  • Gnollhack – Blacksmith – Sound Mind Games
  • (In Production) Project C.U.R.E Origins – Alpha – goldknight555
  • (In Production) Rush Attack – Yume Nakamura – SunnyBoxStudios
  • The Elevator Game with Catgirls – Sapporo – NoBread Studio
  • Find Forever or Die Trying – The Runaway – Auden Cho – Wong
  • (In Production) Hell’s Bell – Mother – jatzy
  • Sirenroot, a Skyrim Quest Mod – Tilael – Everglaid
  • (In Production) Possest – Necromancer and Spider Queen – Erwin


  • (In Production) Space Dust+ – June Spacedust – Super Crunch
  • (In Production) Awesome Adventures – Gina – Toadal Drama Official
  • (In Production) Loki IRL – Catrina – Pan Pizza (RebelTaxi)
  • EXEX OCT Round 1: Resolve (Animatic) – Stratos – Sariah Howard
  • Brother Francis - Sister Imelda - Herald Entertainment
  • The Bewitching Beast Brigade (In Production) - Amy - Noelle
  • Calling for the Last Light (In Production) - Witch Cyclops, Empress - Kelvin
  • Pandora's Box (In Production) - Erebus - How Do U Art

Audio Dramas:

  • Erai – Erai’s Destiny – David Alexander
  • Fallout: Darkest Hour – Alice – Koala Bear Workshop
  • Fresh Snow – Freta – Koala Bear Workshop
  • Professionally Possessed – Helena – Christine Mendiola
  • The Call of the Flame – Tuvial – Kurt Peterson
  • The Story of Olivia Rodrigo – Narrator – Rebel Girls
  • The Monster Under the Bed: A Tale of Friendship – Narrator, Lola, Amelia, Monster Librarian – Girl Tales Podcast
  • The Cage - Prisoner 2, Guard 3 - Lucas

Audio Books:

  • Orphan/Angelica Sikong – The Seraph – William Robinson
  • My Lady Molly – The Countess – Anthony Applegate
  • Cocoa Curses – Noelle – Erin Johnson

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Rin Araneta

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Check out what clients say

Rin is the main voice actress for my game "Conquest of the Hearts" and has so far delivered in every single way! She has brought the main character to life in such a way that I'm sure players will love, and she is never late to any recording sessions we hold together. She has a quality mic, and no background noise when she records, and is very easy to work with. She is a pleasure to work with, and you are getting a skilled actress with a great work ethic if you cast her.

Bolick Productions

Taken from CastingCallClub
I loved working with Rin on Erai's Destiny. Her vocals are always so clear and engaging. Our director remarked on our mother/daughter chemistry during the reading, and with her charisma I imagine she has great chemistry with a lot of other actors. I look forward to continuing to work with her on the series and seeing where her career leads.


Taken from CastingCallClub

Rin provides consistently impressive and diverse range in the material she develops for my animation project. It has been a joy to work with her as she is responsive to critique, quick to produce quality work, and has a pleasant, professional and friendly demeanor. Highly recommended.


Taken from CastingCallClub

“A kind individual that will bring your character to life with her awesome voice work! I thoroughly enjoyed working with Rin and I recommend her 120%!”


(Project C.U.R.E Origins)

First time working with Rin and I can confidently say it is DEFINITELY not the last time! I had gotten the chance to enlist the vocal talents of Rin and was met with adaptability, coordination, and a very impressive line delivery above all. She is very confident in portraying the character that she auditions for and has been patient and flexible with feedback. It was fun working with her most of all due to the energy she carries to the project which, at several times, transferred to other members of the project as well!



“Rin was an absolute delight for us to work with. She showed clear interest in our project from the start, absolutely 'got' the character for the role she was to play, and then gave us fantastic characterisation delivered in clear audio files. All with a quick turnaround and a super friendly and approachable nature - this was our first time adding voice acting to a game and Rin made everything so easy for us.”


The Elevator Game with Catgirls

Rin is an exceptional voice actress and I would wholeheartedly recommend any production work with her. Not only is she professional and a pleasure to work with, she saves time and effort by responding to cues and feedback with expert precision. Rin is a rising star, and you would be lucky to have her voice and talent for your project!

Auden Cho Wong

Find Love/Forever or Die Trying

Rin had voiced the lead character in my video game project, and she was a pleasure to work with! Her range in delivery was phenomenal, with energetic explosive moments and soft-spoken grim lines. She produced lines quickly and efficiently, while interpreting and responding to revisions flawlessly. I guarantee that you will be satisfied with her work.



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Rin Araneta

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